Making a Chambray Shirt from Beginning to End: “Everything I Learned in Design School in 3.5 Minutes” by Steven Wheeler

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“I love making clothes. Always have. A few years ago I earned my BFA in Menswear, and learned how to create patterns from my own drawings, and sew original garments. Lately, I’ve been working for a local company as their lead men’s designer, helping to get a couple private-label brands up off the ground with some really sharp collections. Much of my work is now done on the computer, and our manufacturing is sourced from overseas. That’s cool. It enables me to focus more on the creative bits, instead of sewing all day long. But sometimes I miss getting to work directly with the fabric; finding out what I can and can’t do with my little Singer. So that’s where this video comes in. From finding design details in magazines to sketching, from patternmaking to cutting, and from sewing to pressing, I tried to use some of the skills I’ve developed over the years to make a nice chambray work shirt for myself.”–Steven Wheeler
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